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Disney with a baby: Do’s and Don’ts

Leading up to our first trip to Disney with Lorelai I was a stress ball. It was our first trip with her and I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed and more. We went when she was 6 weeks old and then again at 14 weeks old. Both times I looked online for hours looking for the Do’s and Don’ts of Disney but nothing seemed to prepare me enough for what we were about to do. With all of that research, I still never fully felt prepared before the trips. There is so much information out there but hopefully this blog can help someone that is about to make the trip With that, Welcome to the Series, Disney with a baby.

There is so much information when it comes to Disney with a baby. Between the different parks, weather, and age of your young one, there are so many factors to put into play. This first post though I want to do a broad Do’s and Don’ts of Disney! Something that you can look at real quick and get some information on. Throughout this series I will go more in depth on individual topics as well So…. Let the magic begin


1. Pack light weight clothes

Call me boujee, but bamboo clothes SAVED us during our trip when it was hot outside. We tried to put her in a cotton outfit one day and it was in fact that worst day we had. The bamboo is so breathable and made it not so hot for her. The first time we went to Disney when she was 6 weeks old it was colder but we just layered her bamboo outfit and added a hat and it was perfect!

2.Take advantage of the baby care centers

I never knew there were baby care centers at Disney until my brother told me right before our trip. For as many times as I have been, I never needed them so I never looked for them. Now, they are my favorite place to go! Each park has a Baby Care Center and they are equipped with nursing rooms, changing tables (CLEAN changing tables), a full kitchen to prepare your bottles, and even some locations have items to purchase if you forgot something. Magic Kingdoms Baby Care Center just got remodeled and it is so cute! It is themed after Alice and Wonderland!

i. Magic Kingdom: The Baby Care Center is located off of Main Street between Casey’s and Crystal Palace. There is also a First Aid Station right next to it.

ii. Epcot: The Baby Care Center is located in the Odyssey Building. If you are walking from the front of the park towards the World Showcase, it is on the left between Mexico and Test Track.

iii. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: located right at the entrance to the park near Guest Relations. For some reason this was the hardest one for us to find even though it is the most obvious part of the park! It will be on your left as you enter.

iv. Animal Kingdom: The Baby Care Center is located in the Discovery Island area. It’s past Pizzafari, next to Creature Comforts.

3.Have a stroller fan

I don’t need to go into that much detail on this one but stroller fans are a must! I bought ours from Amazon and it was a life savor during the hot days. I wanted to be Lorelai in the stroller at some points with that thing going.

4.Go early morning or late nights (during summer)

Want to avoid the blistering hot part of the day? Go to the park in the morning and then go back to the hotel during the afternoon to relax, go to the pool, or take a nap! You can always go back to the park once it cools down a little more

5.Bring a baby carrier ( your arms will thank you)

The BIGGEST mistake we made when we went was listening to the advice to not take a baby carrier. My arms were SORE after a day of holding baby girl. Pretty much if it is inside, you cannot take the stroller in. So anytime you go inside to escape the heat, you are having to hold your little ones in your arms. I 100% recommend bringing your baby carrier with you for these moments. We just kept ours underneath the stroller when we weren’t using it.

6.Pack extra clothes in your diaper bag

You never know when a blow out will happen or when your baby might just want fresh clothes that aren’t sticking to their bodies. I recommend packing 2 or 3 outfits. Even though you can purchase onsies at the baby care center, they aren’t cheap!

7.Know the rides your baby can enjoy

There are so many rides that babies can go on at Disney! More than I ever thought! I would recommend doing some research on rides that might be loud or squirt water out though. Just because a baby can ride it doesn’t mean they will enjoy it. For example, in Epcot, Figment was a great ride until the end……. They have a loud noise and air blow on your face to transition into the next part…. Baby girl did NOT enjoy that.

8. Go to all of the photo spots

There are so many places at Disney you can go and take photos ( Not Disney themed) and they are some of my favorite photos from the trip.

This photo was taken at the Grand Floridian during our Monorail crawl and It is now printed and framed in our home.


1. GO, GO, GO…..

The days of staying at the park from Rope drop to closing is over. And that’s OKAY! I promise you will enjoy the trip so much more if you don’t try to overdo it

2. Get frustrated when your baby cries

I know this is a hard one. I know when we went on the Carousel of Progress and Lorelai started to scream, I was mortified. I felt so bad but I couldn’t stop her! I was the only one who was upset about it though. Everyone knows, babies cry and if they are at Disney, they should expect to hear a baby sometimes. Just know you are doing great mama (or dad) and no one is judging you! (and if they are, that’s their own problem)

3. Pack diapers in your Suitcase

Don’t waste the suitcase space packing wipes and diapers! I recommend having them shipped to your hotel upon arrival. More space for your Minnie ears.

4. Go back to the hotel for every nap (especially if you have an infant)

If you have a baby that can nap on the go, take advantage of that! You will waste so much time going to and from the hotel room if you have to go back for every nap.

5. Forget rider switch

RiderSwitch is a great program for rides that baby cannot go on. One parent can wait with the baby while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. When the other parent returns, you can switch off baby duty and the other parent can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again!

6.Forget to have fun

IT’S DISNEY! Enjoy these memories with your little one because they won’t stay this little for long.

If you have any other questions regarding Disney with a baby, let me know! I’ll be happy to answer them! @YoProtravel @Briana756

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