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Don’t Take on San Francisco Sans These Tips

San Francisco is a huge city, and if you are going to #usethatPTO, make the most of it with these travel tips.

Pack a Flexible Tripod

This little guy will be your lifesaver. Many of the amazing views for the perfect shot are not where you will find people to take your picture. A flexible tripod lets you stand up your phone or hook it to a sign or bench. If you are a solo traveler, this is a must. The pocket remote will let you shoot from a distance with ease.

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

The weather in San Francisco varies much by the day, so you may leave in pants and a jacket and want shorts in the afternoon. I always wear layers so I can shed the jacket during the day and toss on a light sweater or go with just a t-shirt. I travel with a collapsible backpack that packs into itself on all trips, and it will come in handy in San Francisco.

Water is the Way to Go

Does the thought of the hills scare you? Walking along the water is the flatest route around the city, and while you’ll miss the interior neighborhoods like Chinatown, you can zip around quickly on the waterfront for limited stops around most of the city.

Park it in a Park

If you cannot turn off your email when your travel and need to get some work done, you will find a plethora of parks for a quick call or email. If you climb to the center of town, you can enjoy some bay views while you check in with work, too!

Alcatraz Views

If you cannot spare the time or cannot get in for a tour of Alcatraz, the famous prison in the Bay, catch a ferry to Sausalito, Tiburon, or Angel Island. Most routes will take you right past Alcatraz so you can grab some photos. Ask an attendant near the ferries if you will get a view of the Island in route.

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