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Thoughts from an airport lounge

Donnie's heading aboard the Celebrity Edge, lots of posts to come with some honest reviews. #CelebrityEdge #NewShip #SkySuite #series #thejourney

I’m super excited to be boarding the Celebrity Edge tomorrow! Celebrity’s newest ship doesn’t hold any of those records we all hear about... it isn’t the biggest ship, doesn’t have a roller coaster, no fireworks... What it does bring to the table is a sense of modern elegance, or so I’ve read - a floating bar, bougie fine dining, and staterooms with an infinity verandah.

I’m writing this post before boarding my flight to Miami International. Although Fort Lauderdale is closer to Port Everglades, the Edge’s home port, flights to MIA are more economical in my case. It’s about a 35 minute Uber to the port from the airport.

This particular itinerary isn’t very destination focused: only three ports on the 7-day voyage.

My guess is because of the “newness” of the ship, Celebrity would rather have guests enjoy the amenities the Edge has to offer rather than spend time (and money) in port. Either way... I’m not upset about it. I’m going to define this as an “uncultured vacation”... I’m not going to come back from it a better person, just more relaxed. :D

For the next week, Deck 10 is gonna be where I’m gonna call home. I’ll write a review of the embarkation experience and the stateroom tomorrow after I get onboard at around 1:30 PM. We also have some speciality restaurants booked right now. I’ll write some general posts about the food onboard, but will provide some specific posts from those restaurants: Fine Cut Steakhouse on Monday; Le Petit Chef on Wednesday, and Eden Restaurant on Saturday. I will say... these places all have a surcharge that is a bit pricy ($55-$65 per person), so TBD on the value.

I have the premium drink package... so be on the lookout for some instagram pictures that I’ll be posting. Still working on getting YoPro Travel’s instagram up and running, but until then... I’ll post on my personal and embed them on here.

Alright, time to head to the gate. I think Shuyun wrote about it in another post... but if you don’t have a Credit Card that gets you into airport lounges, then get you one. Completely changes the concept of travel!



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