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Travel with me, Nelly-P

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Hi everyone!

My name is Nelly, I am a small town girl from Celebration, Florida. I have had the blessings of being able to get the travel-bug at a young age, my dad's job took us everywhere!

Nelly P on a Celebrity Cruise
Nelly and her hubby, Michael, on a Celebrity Cruise

It is a pleasure to be here in sunny - oh wait…I moved. Where am I again?

Gray with a ever-so-slight chance of sun: Baltimore, Maryland. I have found myself tagging along with mi amor / husband, Michael for his job. We have the travel bug together, and our honeymoon was spent with friends and family, in 5 different country's in 9 days. I'll tell ya the story one day.

We recently went on our first cruise, and OH MAN! Have you been on a cruise? I didn't know what I was missing! That. Is.THE.Life.

There was warmth and service galore. Everything is included and there isn't a care in the world. Of course they have wifi, but this is the chance to disconnect.

Don't you feel this way sometimes? The need to disconnect and refresh your heart mind and soul? Well we did on the #CelebrityEdge and it was awesome! That's just a snip of what the experience was like. I hope to go on more international trips now that most boarders have re-opened. Making some future plans for a trip to France through Europe to end in the Netherlands. Follow me, and how I get prepped for this trip- from with finances and all- and for the future adventures to come.

I hope to see you across this journey on this thing called life!

Follow me on IG and FB, to see it all first hand!

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