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8 Dining Tips for the Carnival Sunshine

I am less than 50 days away from my next Carnival Sunshine sailing. As I count down the minutes until I return to this gorgeous FUN ship, I want to share some of my favorite dining options for the Carnival Sunshine. Comment below and let me know what are some of your favorite food spots on the Sunshine.

1. Melting Chocolate Cake - This dessert option is a cult favorite for a reason. If you haven't tried this already, be sure to set aside (at least) one night and order it during your dinner service. Our tip? Ask for a side of peanut butter for a special twist on this classic dessert.

2. Captain's Pasta Bar - This is a lunch only option on the Cucina side of the Lido Deck. You get to choose your pasta, sauce, and additional items for your own pasta creation. Be careful though, a lunch or two here may be just enough to convince you to check out Cucina del Capitano for dinner one of these nights.

3. Jiji's Lunch - Similar to Cucina, Jiji's Asian Kitchen serves up its own complimentary lunch option in wok form. Get creative as you choose your protein, noodle, veggies, and sauce to create one of a kind stir fry. Shhhhh, most people don't even discover this option until a few days into their sailing.

4. Sea Day Brunch - Judge me if you must, but brunch will always be my favorite meal. There is almost nothing better (at least in my mind) than starting off a lazy sea day by checking out the brunch option at the Main Dining Room (MDR). My favorite item is huevos rancheros. My mom prefers to start her brunch with a flaming tomato soup. Yum!

5. Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet - If you are lucky enough to be on a 7 days or longer sailing, be sure to stop by the Lido Restaurant on the last sea day for a chocolate buffet! Carnival Sunshine sure knows how to ease the pain of heading home.

6. Havana Bar Breakfast - This hidden gem is located on the backside of the Lido Deck. Havana Bar serves a small, but very delicious, selection of Cuban food for breakfast and lunch. I had a few too many Guava Cheese Puffs and Ham Croquettes on my last sailing and you can bet I'll be doing the same on this upcoming one.

7. Afternoon Tea - This is another hidden gem that most people don't know about. Check FunTimes for time and location! This is a great way to enjoy some finger sandwiches and great dessert.

8. Guy's Burger - Create your own or just choose one of their classic options. This is probably one of my favorite spots for embarkation day lunch.

Food is one of my favorite parts of cruising and I hope you are able to take a tip or two away from this post. Obviously there are so many other dining options I didn't get a chance to cover in this particular post. Don't worry though, knowing myself, I will be writing a few more food related posts before my May sailing.

XOXO - Shuyun

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Hey! I think we might be on the same sailing in May...YAY! This will be our first cruise with Carnival, but we've done a number with RC. Thanks to your post, I'm now super excited about the Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet and the tea time; hope to see you there! Piper Ellice | Starting Out Southern Blog @piperellice

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