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Embarkation Day Bag

I have officially reached the two weeks count down mark on my upcoming cruise on the beautiful Carnival Sunshine. Even though I won't be packing my suitcase for a few more days, I do like to start planning my embarkation day bag a bit earlier. Follow along and I'll share with you what I like to have in my embarkation day bag!

So what exactly is an embarkation day bag? An embarkation day bag is simply a carry on bag that contains all the essentials that you will need until your luggage arrives to your room. Keep in mind, this list is pretty personal to me, so feel free to use this to help build your own embarkation day bag. Let's get started!

💼 The bag

  • I use a lightweight backpack with lots of pockets. This bag also becomes my excursion bag during the cruise.

📝 Documents (I use a folder to organize everything)

  • Luggage tag

  • Boarding pass

  • General information (excursion confirmation, FunShop purchase, etc)

  • Passport

👙 Poolside Essentials

  • Bathing Suits

  • Coverups

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Book

🏖 Miscellaneous

  • Medication

  • SeaBand (for motion sickness)

  • Chargers + batteries

  • Water bottle

  • Cash

  • Lanyards

  • Sanitizer

  • Electronics

Comment below to let us know if you pack an embarkation day bag! Be sure to also share anything else that I may have overlooked.

XOXO - Shuyun

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