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Entertainment on the Edge

Half-way through, and I wanted to talk a little bit about all the things to do onboard the Celebrity Edge. A pretty modern stage-show called Kaleidoscope, karaoke with a live band and backup singer the line dubs Bandaoke, even a very intimate interpretative contortionist & acrobatic show called Revelation in Eden... just to name some of the offerings 3-days into this 7-day sailing.

Celebrity Theater Shows

Overall, there is a lot of talent in this space. One of the things that really struck me in this theater is that there are no obstructions (support columns) - which is super uncommon for a cruise ship. It allowed us to sneak in after the Cruise Director was done with his 5 minute spiel. :D The shows were *mostly* filled with modern music, which is surprising given the clientele on the ship. There were two shows that catered to music 1970s and before, but for the most part that was few and far between. I caught myself trying to gauge the response from the crowd, as Kaleidoscope had all the male performers in a BDSM-like harness, and I'm confident that .001% of the crowd had heard Let's Have a Kiki before the cast performed it. Excuse the wrong orientation for the first five seconds of the video. :D


In the aft of the ship is a large space named Eden - a new mind-blowing venue that literally is a window to the world, both land and see. Celebrity describes Eden as Chillful, Playful, and Sinful (more on that later). You really feel like you're in a greenhouse in the middle of the ocean, and to be honest I felt like I was visiting the Seattle Spheres by Amazon. Drinks were all pretty intricate, and pretty expensive. I think only 3 of the 15 were fully included in the drink package, although anything over your drink package coverage requires you just pay the difference (usually a buck or two).

There is a quick lunch buffet option which we didn't have a chance to try, and a specialty restaurant on the platform below the main venue. In short... it was amazing, but I'll write another post with the details from that meal.

In comes the star of Eden, what really pulls the space together - Revelation. Do a google search for it, and you'll be sure to find mixed reviews. Essentially the cast of Revelation takes over the lounge meaning that there is no defined stage. It's a 1.5 hour show that is full of live music, acrobats, body contortionists, and more - and the cast is very interactive with the guests. I'm told that the show was a lot more graphic when the ship first launched, but has been toned down some based on guest feedback. During the show, I really felt like I took a pill in Ibiza. :D

Other Entertainments

Lots of your typical cruise ship stuff: bingo, trivia, pool games, etc.

Celebrity's version of karaoke involves a live band and backup singers, which is actually a lot of fun. The song list was a little limited, but overall it added a nice flare to the experience. They only had it one night of the 7-night sailing. Did I sing a song? Yes. Is there a video of it? Yes. Am I going to the post the video for you to see it? No, not a chance.

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