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I Got That *Sunshine* In My Pocket - 10 Tips For Carnival Sunshine

Back in September, mom and I had the opportunity to sail on Carnival Sunshine for the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. As someone who was brand new to the cruising world, I spent hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos to make sure I'm fully prepared for our trip. We enjoyed our time so much on the Sunshine that we quickly booked another trip for May to sail her for the Western Caribbean itinerary. So follow along as I share my top 10 tips for this beautiful and oh so unique ship!

1. Dive-In Movies - Carnival certainly isn't the only cruise line with free movies on board. However, what made this a special experience on the Sunshine is the complimentary blankets and popcorns. Grab a blanket, find a deck chair, snuggle up, and you got yourself a perfectly relaxing date night. #DateNightIdeas #Movies

2. Serenity Pool - Carnival Sunshine has a gorgeous serenity pool area! In addition to being an adult only oasis, the multi-level area gives you the option to choose your own experience.

3. Playlist Production - DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS! If you are even slightly interested in good music, good talent, and a great time, be sure to carve out some time to check out the playlist production. On our sailing, there were 4 amazing shows. I even got to be part of the Studio VIP show.

4. Tea Time - On sea days, you can attend complementary afternoon tea in the dining room. There were some great finger sandwiches and dessert options. Hint - check your FunTime under the "food" section.

5. Sea Day Brunch - Vacation + brunch...need I say more?

6. Speciality Dining for Free - Jiji and Cucina offer very unique and delicious lunch options. Be sure to check them out early during your sailing, most people don't realize these options until later on during their cruise. Jiji has Wok set up and Cucina has various pasta and bread available.

7. Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake - This is a carnival classic for a reason. I personally ask for a side of Peanut Butter for a special twist on this treat. YUM!

8. Cheese Plate - This is on the dessert menu but there is no reason why you shouldn't ask for it as an appetizer. I love having cheese with my bread so I'm all about taking advantage of this offering.

9. Secret Decks - You can access the secret decks on the front of the ship on deck 6 and 7. The easiest way to find these is to look for the doors near 6107, 6108, 7105, and 7106. The outside deck area on Deck 3 is another quiet spot that not many people utilize.

10. Bread - Carnival, please never stop serving these bread. There is nothing quiet like starting your meal with some warm bread. During our 8 day sailing, I definitely had a few too many of these freshly made bread to start my meals. #SorrynotSorry #Carbs

Carnival Sunshine has such a special place in my heart and I can't wait to share more about her with you. I *got this feelin' in my body* that there may be a few more Sunshine posts in the future.

XOXO - Shuyun

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