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Party (and sleep) like a RockStar on the Scarlet Lady

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

One of the soon-to-be many posts regarding the upcoming Scarlet Lady from Virgin Voyages. Can you tell that we're exited for this thing? #virginvoyages #bucketlist #upandcoming #series #rockstarsuites #outdoorshower #cabins

So, this ship is so damn cool, and the cabins & suites are no exception. Virgin describes their offerings as 'Modern, yacht-inspired aesthetic and clever cabin technology make more than just a space to live (or dance).'

Basically breaking their selections into five macro-categories, there are: Mega RockStar Suites, RockStar Suites, SeaTerraces, Sea Views, and Insider cabins. Going to throw it out there... the Mega RockStar Suites can exceed $10K for a 4 day sailing, needless to say a bit out of my reach. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW THERE IS AN OUTDOOR SHOWER, ON A CRUISE SHIP!?!? I have my eyes set on at least a SeaTerrace (balcony), but I may spring for a lower-level RockStar Suite. :D

While the specifics are still unclear, it looks like that all cabins except suites have this couch that turns into a bed thing... not sure how I feel about that, TBD. With this only being a four-day sailing for now, I don't see much a value in the higher level suites, since the ship itself looks so awesome - I'll be wanting to spend my time out and about exploring the Scarlet Lady.

Mega RockStar Suites

Suites so wildly indulgent, they come with their own personal rider. Tell Virgin what you want... what you really, really want (literally).

  • Prime location

  • A FREAKING Outdoor shower... LIKE WHAT!?!?!?!?

  • Personalized bar, literally included

  • Special requests

  • Private transfer to/from ship

  • RockStar Agent service

  • Curated port experiences

  • Richard’s Rooftop membership (an exclusive sundeck)

RockStar Suites

RockStar living so audaciously cool you might be tempted to smash a guitar (but maybe don't).

  • Private transfer to/from ship

  • RockStar Agent service

  • In-room bar, on us

  • Richard’s Rooftop membership

Sea View

For solo Sailors looking for quiet moments with the sea from Virgin's super large single beds, or duos perched on their nautically-inspired window seats — the ocean is yours to make eyes with. Gazing out at the waves every morning, this is the closest you can get to the ocean (without the windblown hair).

RockStar Suites

Friend groups, solo Sailors, and duos alike can get in on the Insider action. Roomy Rainshowers and mood lighting punctuate our cozy escapes — giving you the space to recover today and prepare for tomorrow.

Leisure Travel Enterprises is an official First Mate with Virgin Voyages - they're able to quote and book you directly today. I'm personally texting friends right now to setup a Circle (group) go vacation on her next year, date TBD.... anybody want to go!? :D

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